Sunday April 19, 2015
Wilkins Township VFC #3
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The Wilkins Township Volunteer Fire Company #3 was founded in 1922, orginally named Franklin Volunteer Fire Company.  We serve the entire Township of Wilkins and assist in the protection of our surrounding communities by way of mutual-aid agreements.

The various parts of this website are designed to provide the community with an inside look at life in the fire service.  Please return to the site often, as one of our goals is to provide regular updates via this website.

One of the big things that we are currently working to improve is the images in the photo gallery.

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Thank you to everyone that helped last week, as we laid our Chief to rest.

The day was a fitting honor to a true servant.

We are truly blessed, by your help and support.


Chief Ron Bair
September 25, 1953 - April 4, 2015


Fire Chief's Prayer

I am called to many duties lord and now I've been called home.

I've had to leave the ones I love To stand before your throne.

I'll not complain, its not my way But there are some things I'll ask.

And please, Lord, grant them to me for the loved ones I hold fast.

I dare to ask because I know how you've blessed in the past.

I've learned to trust in your grace, O Lord That's how I've come this far.

So now, O God, I humbly pray hear this Fire Chief's prayer.

Bless my wife and family -- so often left alone, they knew where I was going and Trusted you to bring me home.

Well, now I'm home and wait for them keep them within the faith -- that one-day, Someday, we'll be together in

this place.

And O dear God, bless my men I trained them as best I could.

I tried to do your will with them and lead them as you would.

I need to know you’re with them Lord or else how can I stay and peacefully enjoy this place of endless day.

This heaven where there is no night No fire to kill and burn I guess that's why its now my rest, my place, my


And Lord, be with my community and keep it safe as it can be For all its folks are special, and very dear to me.

They are all my friends, and by your grace I served them as best I could.

So hear this Fire Chief's prayer, O Lord and grant it please -- I already knew you would.


-Unknown author

We got if from here, Chief.